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FACEIT London Major Twitch Premium Pass


We’re excited to announce an exciting new experience for viewers of the FACEIT London Major, with the release of the Twitch.tv FACEIT Major Premium Pass!

UPDATE: For the Legends Stage, you can now buy the Twitch Premium Pass for $4.99, or use your Twitch Prime subscription!

This is the first ever event pass for a CS:GO event, offering a brand new interactive experience for Twitch viewers. Our Twitch account, which has been streaming the Minors and Challengers stages of the Major officially became the fastest growing account earlier this month according to statistics gathered by TwitchMetrics.

Starting today, fans will be treated to exclusive features and special access via a one-time $4.99 or Twitch Prime subscription to the FACEIT London Major Twitch channel, which will include:

  • 11 feeds, allowing you to choose whether to spectate a particular player or stick to our official observer feed, all within Twitch
  • Interactive stats and HUD, allowing you to change crosshair, map size, toggle the scoreboard, and more!
  • Two weeks of FACEIT Premium
  • Exclusive chat emojis
  • Premium-only chat channels
  • Exclusive VOD content released throughout the Major, including:
    • Exclusive behind-the-scenes Legends player interviews
    • Major time machine 8 films, produced by Sodiac
    • The return of Sounds of CS:GO

Click to toggle stats, control the HUD!

The Premium Pass will be active during the Legends and Champions Stages of the FACEIT London Major, running until the 23rd September and unlocking special access to the tournament and exclusive features. In addition, the pass reflects Twitch’s ongoing efforts to increase the interactivity of esports. Twitch has already made spectating a live, interactive, shared form of entertainment with features such as Extensions, Cheering, Drops, and exclusive offers via Twitch Prime, with passes adding another layer to the social experience.

Toggle the scoreboard.

Premium Pass subscribers can access interactive viewer stats, scoreboards, settings and minimap to really go beyond the normal Twitch viewership experience. Subscribers can even have multiple Player POVs up at the same time, to see the action unfold from every angle.

Change crosshair, minimap size, and more!

FACEIT are also excited to announce that fans can now link their FACEIT.com accounts to their Twitch accounts to win FACEIT Points drops throughout the Major by clicking the extension below the FACEIT TV Twitch channel.

Once you have become a subscriber, you will be able to access your Premium features on either the Observer channel, or any of the FACEIT Premium Pass channels.

To become a Premium Pass subscriber, subscribe to FACEIT TV, or any of the FACEIT Premium Pass channels, and you will be able to access the content across all 11 channels.

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